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    YWIEK is committed to fostering the healthy and balanced growth as well as an all-round development of each child in laying the foundation for lifelong learning and continuous development through learning goals and approaches tailored for the 21st century.

    Yew Wah currently operates kindergartens in Shanghai, Chongqing, Rizhao and Qingdao catering for Chinese and expatriate children. Based on the high standard of early childhood education experience and teaching methodology of Yew Chung Hong Kong, Yew Wah International Education Kindergarten (YWIEK) integrates Chinese culture to build a systematic and professional Yew Wah Early Childhood Education curriculum which strives to create a positive, loving, enjoyable and appreciative teaching environment, providing children with ideal learning and life experiences. Children are nurtured to become confident and positive global citizens rooted in Chinese cultural heritage and international perspectives.

    YWIEK provides an open and interactive learning environment, emphasising on the building of a strong relationship between teachers and children. The close cooperation between the school and parents helps cultivate an open, inclusive and supportive environment for growth. The YWIEK professional teaching team fully grasps the educational philosophy, and understands children’s learning and development goals at different stages through numerous teaching activities, games and different implementation methods. The co-operative teaching mode of Chinese and Western teachers helps foster a quality bilingual learning environment where children can experience and understand multiple cultures through the use of English and Chinese in learning.

    • Character Education

      Learning qualities refer to attitudes, interests and habits of individuals towards learning, which are essential for lifelong learning and development. Some learning qualities are innate, such as curiosity and desire to explore the world, while others are acquired, such as concentration, persistence, and flexibility. At Yew Wah, we foster good learning qualities throughout various activities, fully respecting and protecting children’s curiosity and interest in learning, helping them to gradually strengthen a positive and focused attitude and a mindset that dares to explore, and try, imagine, and create. A good character is a foundation of being a person and we focus on instilling character education in a child’s day-to-day life, and nurture them into individuals who care, respect and get along well with others, while treating people with honesty, trust, and discern right from wrong.

    • Multicultural Atmosphere

      Globalisation lead to multiculturalism through the increase in communications and interaction amongst different countries. It is thus important for both adults and children to respect and understand cultural diversities. At Yew Wah, people from different countries work together. Children are not only given the opportunities to learn a foreign language, but more importantly, they also grow up naturally in an environment that is understanding, inclusive and appreciative of foreign cultures whilst being deeply rooted in their own. This is a requirement for development in the context of globalisation.