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    Pedagogies Enhancement Campaign

    School News

    18 May, 2017

    10 : 00

    • All the curriculums in Yew Wah Kindergarten stem from children’s need. In order to effectively improve the teachers’ pedagogies techniques specifically

      in children observation and capabilities analysis, Yew Wah Kindergarten launched a two-week Pedagogies Enhancement Campaign for teachers from April 26th to May 8th in 2017. During the Campaign, every teacher endeavoured to prepare and participate for teaching enhancement techniques. We are delighted throughout the campaign teachers are able to analyze children’s capability and experience objectively, design the teaching goal elaborately and prepare teaching tools and materials innovatively. The teaching process fully embodies the game and scenarios allowing children immersive in an interactive and lively learning atmosphere. After class, we organized arranged teaching analysis discussion, which has largely improved teacher’s interest in observing children and their understanding of the trait of different children’s age.

      Our Pedagogies Enhancement Campaign completed with satisfaction and fulfillment. While the campaign has finished, our teachers’ teaching and learning enthusiasm will be continues throughout their time in YWIEK.