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    Protect environment start with yourself -Character Education Activity of Yew Wah Kindergarten

    School News

    29 Aug, 2017

    10 : 00

    • Plants are human’s friends and which is an essential elements part of our living environment. At the beginning of the new term, our students found the plants in the hallway very dirty.That because after a summer vacation, no one cleans the plants, so theydecided to help clean these leaves.

      But the problem wasthat childrendidn't know how to clean the leaves, so they asked the teacher to demonstrate the correct way of wiping leaves. Next, childrenmoved out the plants, gathering in small groupsand gently wiping leaves,andalso discussed how to wipe more cleanly. The little beads of sweat crept up on childrenforeheads, and they lifted up their sleeves and wiped them but work nonstop.After a while, the plants changed completely andchildrenworked together to send the flowerpots back to their original place.Looking at the green leaves,theyfinally showed their satisfied smile!

      Yew Wah kindergartendressed a great importance to CharacterEducation.We educate our students, as"small environmental guards", to protect and cherish plants in their daily lives and to influence others with the practical actions.